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Abbey Park - Cardinal Wolsey statueKing Richard III statueThomas Cook statueHorse to Water sculpture, Marble ArchSherlock Holmes statue, Marylebone RoadThe Sheep & Shepherd, Paternoster SquareVents sculpture, Bishop's Court8 bronze statue of ? on Mulberry Street10 Confucius Statue, Confucius Plaza12 Lin Zexu statue, Kimlau Square18 The Character and Shape of Illuminated Things (Facial Recognition) by Amanda Ross-Ho19 Benjamin Franklin statue37 George Washington statue in front of Federal Hall47 Netherland Monument49 The Sphere, Battery Park70 Atlas - 630 5th Avenue100 William H Seward, Madison Square Park101 David Glasgow Farragut, Madison Square Park116 Alice in Wonderland, Central Park115 Hans Christian Anderson, Central Park